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The truth lies deeper within, You are what you eat.

Before any food reaches your plate, countless critical decisions are made that determine the character and quality of what you will put into your body. Although you have control over the choice you make in selecting that end product, how can you get the full picture of what you are eating?

With all the variables that come from working with natural ingredients, it is our challenge to craft them into consistent, quality products.

Each stage of this process requires an exceptional level of expertise, experience and care to ensure that what we serve is up to the high standards of what nature has gifted us.
When all these elements combine with the commitment to challenge existing standards, the food industry as a whole is elevated. We become worthy of the great responsibility in which we have been entrusted.


Our Associates consists of corporate associates and contracted inspectors dedicated to quality assurance. Through ongoing plant audits, inspections, and product evaluations, our team fulfills our vision of being our customers most valued and trusted business partner by delivering products that meet the most stringent safety, reliability and quality standards. Our quality assurance program has a global presence, with products sourced from America, Europe and other countries worldwide. The food products we sell are evaluated against detailed specifications to make sure our customers receive the best quality and value available.

“Do something right and people will enjoy it. Keep doing it right and they’ll keep coming back for more.”

Timothy Powell

Manager Sales

Lisa R. Boone


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